blood jelly donut

blood jelly donut


Persuasive – The Tuck Shop Should Sell More Junk Food

I strongly suggest that we shouldn’t have to eat healthy food all the time and that we we should eat unhealthy at some times a day. I am doing this to persuade Mr Barratt and the students to put up some more unhealthy food so they can use all the energy at break and use the rest of the energy for school work.

Firstly, if you keep eating healthy food and keep eating it then you might choke on the lettuce and the tomato seeds. Then you will get so scared of eating that people will have to make it in to a soup or a drink. Then it would be so tiring for the people who make it for them.

If you get unhealthy food it could be expensive.  Then it will make the school more money and Mr Barratt can use the money for the school security lock downs.  He will have a nice sleep and nobody has to worry about our school.

Lastly, if the prices are bigger it will make more money for teachers payment so they can do their shopping and pay their payments then they will be happy and the classes can get more laptops so that heaps of kids can do their publishing.

I hope this persuades Mr Barratt to put up a little more funk food. I approve of this message.
By Sapa.

why new zealand is a good place to live

New zealand is a good place to live because the rules are not strick `and you can get your chance to get your oppurtuneity to be what you want to be you can be a singer,dancer or even be a worker you can be something you always see your chance around the corner.

Firstly New Zealand is a good place to live because it’s a safer place to live. People here in New Zealand are lucky to have no war,and should feel sad for the people in Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Saudi-Arabia, and other countries in agony.New Zealand gives every person freedom. Everyone in New Zealand has freedom , to do what you want, and live your dream or be what you want to be.

secondly New Zealand is a good place to live because the food is better compared to other countries. Other countries like Africa and Papua new guinea don’t have clean and fresh water. Countries like that have a low supply of food. Thats why in New Zealand people are lucky to have a big supply of food and lots of fresh and clean water

New Zealand is a great place to live. Its a great place to live because you can get better education, its safer, and there’s a big supply food in New Zealand and a lot of fresh and clean water. I hope some day you

how tadpoles turn into a frog

we already know that tadpoles are baby frogs but in two weeks they grow their back legs and in another ten-twelve weeks they grow there front legs

tadpoles are young amphipians that usually live in the water,though some tadpoles may be terrestriel,wich means they live on land. During the tadpole stage of thier life circle most by means of internal gills. how tadpoles turn into.

Shortly after hatching, the tadpole still feeds on the remaining yolk, which is actually in its gut! The tadpole at this point consists of poorly developed gills, a mouth, and a tail. It’s really fragile at this point. They usually will stick themselves to floating weeds or grasses in the water using little sticky organs between its’ mouth and belly area. Then, 7 to 10 days after the tadpole has hatched, it will begin to swim around and feed By 12 weeks, the tadpole has only a teeny tail stub and looks like a miniature version of the adult frog. Soon, it will leave the water, only to return again to laymore eggs and start the process all over again By between 12 to 16 weeks, depending on water and food supply, the frog has completed the full growth